¸.·´¯`·.Camille Daytona.·´¯`·.¸

Perpetual House

pencil on paper, 59,3 x 39 cm

Holistic Horse Healing

pencil on paper, 25,4 x 25,4 cm

My Daemon Contained

pencil and ink on paper, 42 x 57 cm

Confusion Circus

pencil on paper, 23,5 x 25,3 cm

Treasure Box and Eight Suns

installation view at A quick lift of a hat, a cat, a rat and finally a person, 2019

Treasure box and eight suns is an attempt to deal with themes such as time, purpose, survival and protection. 

Visually, representations of sacredness have always interested me. I associate rather flat symbolic images with, for example, photographs from my mother’s childhood. It is a way to connect the dots, even if the connection is illusionary. The medium of painting allows for me to make sense of this mental cabinet of curiosities.​ What is inside the treasure box? Is it salvation, protection, eternal bliss? What if we are caught in the box and the treasure has been outside the whole time? This could be a place of immunity. A place where collective memory is stored and where ducks are the figureheads of deep spiritual power.

Treasure Box and Eight Suns

oil on canvas, 120x90 cm

Pleasure / Pain

oil on canvas, both 32x35cm, shells

Four Moods

oil on canvas, 37x39 cm

Astral Projection

oil on canvas, 57x55 cm

When You See Duck it is Sign of Spiritual Growth

oil on canvas, 190x150 cm

Little Girl L., Before

oil on canvas, 37x39 cm

Misery = butterfly


oil on canvas, 120x160 cm