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Current / upcoming events 

2021 Group Show Zomersalon 2021: Buy Local #2 at Kunsthal Gent, July 2 - August 29

Past events (group)

2021   LUCA School of Arts Masters of fine arts exhibition Waar Hout Droogt, former Jan Colle Gallery Gent

2020   Poetry reading at Grid Doet Ogen Toe, BROEI Gent Duivelsteen, 29th of August

2020   Online poetry livestream on Space Lockdown: https://www.facebook.com/spacelockdown/videos/861541830956712/

2019   Poetry reading at Vice Versa (poëziefestival): Dichtbij, Het Predikheren Mechelen, 26th of October

           Info: https://www.cultuurcentrummechelen.be/podium/2019-2020/dichtbij

2019    A quick lift of a hat, a cat, a rat and finally a person, Brussels North station    

2019    The Nail in the Wall, Sint-Lukasgalerie Brussels

2018    Almost Nothing Is Happening: Exhibition & Book Launch, Brussels

2018    Tennis Monster 2001, Sint-Lukasgalerie Brussels

2017    Cut the Air / Sew without Thread, Artenova Mechelen, curated by Tom Viaene and Helmut Stallaerts